Big Picture Learning

Start with a central topic, the “Big Picture”.

Projects4Learning is centred around a central theme (Inventions and Discoveries for example) and filled with challenging questions and observations to prompt discussion and enquiry learning. Questions are designed to be ‘non-Googlable’ so as to prompt deep thinking and encourage powerful research skills. Projects4Learning is all about questions.

Move the arrow from right to left

Which lead to different questions…

Students learn to understand the bigger picture.

Projects4Learning is centred round powerful and significant questions. The thing that makes each question interesting is that they are designed to make students think.
Facts are so easy to find in our modern world – that’s why we are not asking questions that can be answered with a quick internet search. They require analysis, comparison, evaluation – all of which are vital skills for learning.

Projects4Learning is designed to be integrated

Projects4Learning materials provide a framework

It easily adapts to deliver the outcomes of any National Curriculum. Teachers will be able to decide what the specific area of focus they wish to deliver.
The materials are designed to be integrated – in a study on ‘Inventions and Discoveries’ for example, there may be many opportunities for valuable work in science and history but there will almost certainly be rich and valid opportunities to develop reading, talking, listening and writing skills in a real context. This would also be true of aspects of maths, geography and any other curricular area.