Connected Learning

Students learn to understand the bigger picture.

Projects4Learning is an online learning platform replacing traditional school subjects with a topical approach allowing students and teachers to explore topics in an engaging way.

Projects4Learning provides students and teachers with opportunities for challenge-based and enquiry learning. Each topic covers many different areas of learning, each topic allowing an integrated approach that provides opportunities across the curriculum. Students are not just assessed on their understanding of academic content, but on their ability to successfully apply that content while solving authentic problems.

Where every question leads to the next question…

Students are challenged to think and create.

Projects4Learning covers many curriculum outcomes across a wide spectrum of curricular areas. One of the great strengths of Projects4Learning is showing the power of making links between these areas and deepening learning through its ‘real life’ context which is inherently integrated and cross-curricular.

Each topic is centered round powerful non-googleable questions. The thing that makes each question interesting is that they are designed to make you think.
Facts are so easy to find in our modern world – that’s why we are not asking questions that can be answered with a quick internet search.

Projects4Learning is designed to make students think

Projects4Learning materials provide a framework

A major strength of the Projects4Learning approach is its flexibility. It gives teachers fantastic and engaging tools which are non-prescriptive and allow them to select areas and activities that will best deliver the curriculum outcomes that they are particularly wishing to focus on.

They great thing about Projects4Learning is that it allows students to demonstrate what they have learned in whatever they feel is the most appropriate way – so long as they satisfy the assessment criteria.