Facts are so easy to find in our modern world!

That’s why we are not asking questions that students can answer with a quick internet search. They require analysis, comparison, evaluation – all of which are vital skills for learning. Students are challenged to explore ways of researching, experimenting, creating and presenting.

Projects4Learning will encourage you to explore a new world!

Open Outcome Tasks

What is the best way to answer the questions?

Many of the assignments will allow students to decide what is the best way to answer the questions.
They may be asked to create something that shows the difference between an invention and discovery, or shows what are the vital components of a ‘home’. The answers to these could be presented as a document, diagram, video, news report, animation – or a combination of many.

They great thing about this is that it allows students to demonstrate their learning in whatever they feel is the most appropriate way – so long as they satisfy the assessment criteria.

Success and motivation

Its a journey, through an amazing world. Learn, experience and enjoy!

Students will succeed if they challenge themself – push themself to dive deep into questions and don’t be satisfied with giving surface answers. Remember their understanding will get deeper as they go, they may need to return to the same question a number of times – each time with new insight and understanding.

It is all about creativity!

In our world it is increasingly important not just to acquire knowledge – but to have ideas!

We recognise the importance of each student and the ideas they have. Projects4Learning encourages students and teachers to experiment, hypothesise, create and evaluate. There are many opportunities for students to direct their own learning and choose areas and questions that stimulate their interest.
Our resources encourage connections between students, teachers, parents and society– in the same class, school or across the globe. It connects students, schools, communities, families and organisations. The challenges of Projects4Learning link together all these people and demonstrate how, in the real world, we all rely on each other.

What our students say.

The topic challenges us to use and develop skills in many different areas.

We are excited to be working with the Projects4Learning topics. We were looking for curriculum materials that challenged our students in the 1:1 iPad environment that we enjoy in school and are delighted with the achievement and engagement of students who are using Projects4Learning.

“The topic challenges us to use and develop skills in many different areas and to learn in the way that is best for us.”