Explore subject matters in an engaging way

Projects4Learning is a completely new approach to the curriculum.

The cycle of topics is designed to promote a growth-mindset. By keeping records of past work in each of the topics, students can see how much more they are able to achieve than in previous years. There are many opportunities for students to direct their own learning and choose areas and questions that stimulate their interest – all within a structure that is effective and manageable in a school, classroom or at home.

It allows students and teachers to explore their subject matter in an engaging way while still easily meeting national curriculum objectives. It provides students and teachers with opportunities for challenge-based and enquiry learning tasks.Students collaborate to explore meaningful topics presented in a way that relates to the world they live in. The tasks require creativity, critical thinking and creative problem solving in order for the students to answer challenging questions or solve complex problems.

Projects4Learning Key Principals

There are some key principles built into the way the materials are structured that vastly improve the experience of learning for both teacher and student:

  • Ensure that the students have time at the beginning of the curricular focus to study the roadmap for themselves, perhaps highlighting particular questions they are interested in exploring.

  • Ensure that there is an individual component to the learning so that each student (or small group of students) has ownership of an aspect of the learning. This may take place in class or outside the school environment.

  • Encourage enquiry learning and allow open-outcome tasks for some outcomes. This allows students to take a question or assignment and present their work in any way they choose in order to answer the question and achieve the assessment criteria. This is a very powerful way of opening the door to a variety of learning styles and ability levels. Again, this may be appropriate in a class environment but also at home. We have found that enjoyment of homework increases dramatically when tasks are opened in this way.

Projects4Learning has 2 main components:

Projects4Learning enhances learning and teaching in a modern classroom environment. Whilst we have included assignments in many curricular areas we would expect the class teacher to tailor the assignments to her/his requirements – adding questions, experiments and assignments to satisfy the demands of the curriculum and specific school. There is a world of knowledge out there!

Visual Roadmap

  • This is a large poster centred around a central theme (Inventions and Discoveries for example) and filled with challenging questions and observations to prompt discussion and enquiry learning. Questions are designed to be ‘non-Googlable’ so as to prompt deep thinking and encourage powerful research skills.

Online Learning Platform

  • The Online Learning Platform is exciting, vibrant and immersive with fantastic video content, assignments tasks and experiments for students to complete as they go.
    The platform is specifically designed to be a practical tool in the classroom but can also be used as a gateway to distance learning. The platform is aimed at students between 4 and 16 years of age. We would anticipate teachers taking the materials themselves and doing very different and creative things with it.